The Bases of the Information Technologies

    The Headnote. Subject "Basics of Information Technology", which is base of the knowledge about the ways and means of achieving the goals with the help of computer technology, now extends in line with the fundamental subjects such as mathematics,  physics, philosophy. Currently, information technology is one of the most rapidly developing areas. Element bases and architectures of computers is becoming more and more perfect, programming languages and technologies are being developed. There are many new packages of applied programs based of the modern mathematical modeling are being created. Therefore, the necessary element of the training of specialists is the systematization of basic concepts, as well as acquaintance with the modern achievements in the field of information technologies
    The purpose of the course "The basic of the Information Technology" is to prepare students for the use of modern information technology as a tool to solve scientific and practical problems in their subject area.

Students should:

  • have a clear understanding of information technology in their subject area;
  • have an understanding of the modern operating systems, software packages and tools;
  • have a skills to work with the major information technology products, text, graphics and spreadsheet, database, presentation preparation tools and resources to support mathematical calculations;
  • learn the basics of networking and Internet services, so that be able to find the necessary information in the Internet;
  • have the understanding of the problems of information security in computers and computer networks;
  • learn the basic techniques of mathematical modeling and optimization in solving practical problems in various subject areas.
    Comprehensive study of the discipline "The basic of the information technology" is takes 108 hours. This program includes the lectures, the laboratory (practical) training and the implementation of the individual master's work in the form of an essay. The final exam includes the protection of the essay and the execution of the abstract test differentiated credit (PhD minimum) for the course "The Basic of the information technology."

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