The exam for graduate students

For 2018 \ 2019 :

On the basis of points     Laboratory  work 3 and      Laboratory  work 4

to prepare  Chapter 1 for the paper

The exam for graduate students (studying in English) will be held in the form of a review of the application of it in the subject area of the dissertation research (printed form – report-abstract, orally - a media presentation, additionally – the personal website of the graduate student).

 Thus, in the class and at home it is necessary to use the algorithm for preparing the abstract (report):

An approximate algorithm for working on the report for the exam

 Definition: Report for the exam  is a review of the software that is applicable to solving the problem of your dissertation research.

1 )     To do this, find the books, which describes a similar problem.

These books will be searched in free access (on the Internet), as well as in full-text databases of free access Important: the search process must also be briefly recorded in the report.

Result of the search is a list of books on the topic.

Nota Bene: This is list of some open access resources:

·        Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

·        Cybertesis.NET

·        DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

·        Global Economic Monitor (GEM)

·        GlobalEDGE: international business information and research

·        Intute

·        E-thesis – Electronic publications at University of Helsinki

· Marketing Virtual Library

·        Wageningen Dissertation Abstracts

·        Wiley InterScience

·        The World Bank e-Library

·        Tesis Doctorales en Red (TDR)

· – The Universal Index of Doctoral Dissertations in Progress

·        Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

·        Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes - Tesis doctorales

·        and other...

 2 )      Nesessary study these literary sources and Internet sites.

In the report we will write a brief review these sources

3 )  Then it is to need to select 2-3 application programs (or 2-3 packages of application programs).

Describe the application of this software in your dissertation research.

4  )     Structure of the report for the exam:


Chapter 1 (Review of Internet tools to find the necessary correct information)

Chapter 2 (Overview of sources found)

Chapter 3 (The description of the application software in this dissertation research)

Conclusion (result)

Note: the approximate content is indicated in parentheses, the chapter names are defined for a particular report.

File of this instruction here

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